Alta Valsugana Smart Valley

Coworking close to home: a development opportunity for the region

Alta Valsugana Smart Valley

The Alta Valsugana Smart Valley coworking spaces are part of a project - promoted by Cassa Rurale Alta Valsugana in collaboration with Impact Hub Trentino - that aims to create more coworking spaces in the area, create an opportunity for local development, within and beyond the pandemic crisis.

The coworking spaces are made available by the Cassa Rurale for the needs of freelancers, entrepreneurs, startuppers, but also teleworking employees and smart workers, who can thus find a space where they can work close to home, meet, collaborate and give life to new ideas in compliance with current safety regulations. In fact, the project aims to create a community capable of working together for the economic and cultural development of the area, starting with the group that will occupy the coworking space.

Impact Hub Trentino is the manager of the Alta Valsugana Smart Valley coworking spaces. The spaces are part of Coworking in Cooperazione.

How was Alta Valsugana Smart Valley born?

The pandemic crisis we are experiencing has brought about a great change in the world of work and lifestyles. It represents a time of difficulty, but at the same time it can be an opportunity to search for new entrepreneurial solutions.

The crisis has brought us towards the realisation that somehow, in today's world, we are all interconnected and answers must be found together.

It is also from these premises that Alta Valsugana Smart Valley was born, a project through which the Cassa Rurale wants to seize a development opportunity for the area by creating coworking spaces.

This project speaks of REGENERATION. In fact, the Cassa Rurale wants to enhance its real estate assets in the area by transforming some premises into spaces with equipped workstations, offices, meeting rooms designed for workers.

In COWORKING they will be able to find a quiet and safe place to focus on young professionals, startuppers, but also those who, finding themselves in the condition of having to work from home in teleworking or smartworking, prefer to have the possibility of a place close to home (NEARWORKING), where they can work with all the tools and comfort that can be found in a traditional office.

What transforms empty spaces into cosy places is not only the ability to place new functionalities in them but, above all, the ability to create relationships and CONNECTIONS.

In order to be able to perform their function, coworking facilities must also be places open to associations and all organisations (youth and non-youth) that wish to use these spaces to meet, create, compare and promote projects.

In fact, Alta Valsugana Smart Valley wants to give life to a COMMUNITY of innovators and entrepreneurs who care about the development of the territory and to be a stimulus for entrepreneurial ambitions in the area and for those entrepreneurs who want to seize the INNOVATION and market opportunities that are appearing on the horizon.

Do you wanna learn more?

Do you wanna learn more?

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